Riga, 2015 - 2018

The victory in the Prestigious Competition for the Best Solution of an Office Building with a Restaurant, at Livu Square, in Old Riga.

Riga, 2014

The concept offered by Vincents Architecture has been recognized as the best one in the open competition of the architecture project ideas Multi-storey multi-apartment residential building in Riga, 31 Miera iela.

Riga, 2014

Vincents Architecture participated in the open competition of architecture ideas of an exclusive apartment building at 4 Veru Street and gained great success.

Riga, 2011

The goal is to project an excellent high-quality architecture at this location, considering that across the river Daugava is complex Citadele which is designed by Meinhard von Gerkan and Vincents.

Riga, 2015

Vincents Architecture design proposal won the competition organized by Baltic International Bank for the construction of Kalēju arcade in Old Riga.

Riga, 2015

The project is based on architectural structural order, which is determined by historical building, rationality and aesthetic quality.

Riga, 2015-2016

Taking into account the architecture of the building, in the bank's new interior, the modern replicas of Venice during the period of Renaissance have been chosen, combining them with the method, which is characteristic to eclecticism. 

Jurmala, 2013-2015

The building was designed by Eizens Laube in 1926 and it has been renewed as unique gift.  The connection with the past is as present, as powerful is the story told by the details.

Riga, 2000-2001

The building's between-floor covering forms a modern interior - countless possibilities to simultaneously view the room and the objects in the interior from unexpected perspectives.

Jurmala, 2009

A well-considered lighting emphasizes individual architectonic details of the villa, as well as creates a different image of the building during the dark time of the day.

Riga, 2006 - 2007

The outer panelling of the façade – coloured aluminium composite panels. The openable window parts have hidden casings. The building has a flat roof with internal water drainage.

Jurmala, 2013-2018

The building and the garden are designed to emphasize the proximity of the sea and to create a link between the indoor and outdoor space, as well as to open the living and relaxing areas to the inner courtyard and dunes

Jurmala, 1999 - 2000

The building is characterised by clear lines and clean form. Unified geometric composition motifs are used everywhere - in the building, its interior and borders. 

Jurmala, 2001

The functionality of the building is supplemented with a shady tree courtyard where you can relax in the arbour, have a walk in the park or have guests in the courtyard terrace.

Jūrmala, 2003 - 2004

The visual appearance of the building is designed to be simple, a transparent form for life among nature, a covered terrace is serving as a bridge between the indoors and nature.

Baltezers, 2001 - 2002

The structure of the building plays the main organising role and the unified module system used by the enterprise „Vincents” has a significant part in its rational project allowing the specialists to finish construction works within short time.