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Riga, 2001

Design salon Inspira specialises in the sale of Italian, French, German and other elite design furniture and interior accessories. It has been designed as a modern architecture. 

Riga, Elizabetes Street 19

Modern classic - simple, pure form, natural materials and proven values, without excessive exaggeration and pompous details.

Riga, 2014 - 2015

The emphasis is laid on natural, expressive materials of decoration, on rich textiles, comfort and individuality, which is reflected in the furniture and design objects, created by well-known designers.

Riga, 2013

Multifunctional building complex Z-Tower atrium interior is designed as a contemporary interior with Art Deco effects from 20s and 30s.

Jurmala, 2016

Interior project and coroprate image of Baltic Beach Hotel restaurant The View (previously Caviar Club).

Riga, 2016

Interior and lighting project for the exclusive store LALIQUE in Old Riga, Kungu Street.

Jurmala, 2013

Interior concepts for two buildings - Villa Hepburn and Villai Dierich which have obtained their names due to their unique style. 

Riga, 2005

The basic creation principles of the salon’s interior are quite simple – to create an uncluttered, harmonious atmosphere that will be an aid to the most important thing of all - the easy comprehension of the products with visible, pleasant surroundings.

Riga, 2008

The Modena Motors showrooms Alfa Romeo and Maserati were formed based on the cooperative style requirements developed by these companies.