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Riga, 2003 - 2008

Four buildings facing towards east and west are like a bond with four pavilions of Riga's Central Market.

Riga, 2006

This constructive step corresponds to the optimal area of the work space arrangement, which complies with EU (European Union) standards. 

Riga, 2003

With a view facing the panoramic Old Town, a twenty-four storey building will rise up, its frame reminiscent of a tower composed of four cylindrical structures, but its shape - of a clover leaf.

Riga, 2006 - 2007

The outer panelling of the façade – coloured aluminium composite panels. The openable window parts have hidden casings. The building has a flat roof with internal water drainage.

Riga, Audeju Street 14

The division of the façade is achieved with a galvanized steel lattice, which simultaneously gives clear definition to the building’s constructive solution and demonstrates both - the massiveness of the metal construction and the fineness of the details.

Riga, 2000

An economic office building with a good visual range, created with simple materials, the option to transform the space and, depending on individual needs, expand the building with modules both vertically and horizontally.