Jurmala, 2005 - 2007

Visitors entrer lobby of distinguished appearance and are then only a fiew steps from the central element of the house: the first section of a ramp leads them up from the lower floor with pool, garage and ancillary rooms.

Jurmala, 1997-1998

Exhibitions, grand receptions, glittering parties, gala dinners, and concerts will take place in this guesthouse in a former art-nouveau villa near Riga’s Baltic coast.

Jurmala, 2013-2019

The interior design is addressed in a modern language but enough reserved to avoid suppressing the historical aura of the building

Klaipeda, 2017-2018

High-end private hospitality house - private rooms, area for relaxation and sports, conservatory with lagoon-style pool and subtropical garden, SPA area, gallery and patio with garden.

Jurmala, 2009

Schools of design philosophy representing opposing views here are counterbalanced by the fact that neutrally restrained color gamut faces expressive texture materials.

Jurmala, 2003 - 2004

The living room and kitchen are situated in one area, which can be both joined or separated with a sliding wall. 

Jurmala, 2013-2015

The building was designed by Eizens Laube in 1926 and it has been renewed as unique gift.  The connection with the past is as present, as powerful is the story told by the details.

Jurmala, 1994

Villa was built in the late 1820s after a project of Marta Haze, as her own residence. In 1993 Vincents Architecture begins an ambitious reconstruction and interior design project for villa Marta.