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Jurmala, 1999 - 2001

The borders between building and space become unclear in the interplay between inside and outside. Space, architecture and garden landscape become one. 

Riga, 2003 - 2004

A six-storey building with 10 flats as well as offices and administration facilities on the ground floor, is erected on the relatively small 470 m² site.

Riga, 2008

The building structures integrated into the cross-wall construction have been fitted with differently designed balcony zones facing towards the east and the west, with ceiling-high glass facades that provide a high level of transparency.

Riga, 2003

With a view facing the panoramic Old Town, a twenty-four storey building will rise up, its frame reminiscent of a tower composed of four cylindrical structures, but its shape - of a clover leaf.

Riga, 2014

The concept offered by Vincents Architecture has been recognized as the best one in the open competition of the architecture project ideas Multi-storey multi-apartment residential building in Riga, 31 Miera iela.

Riga, 2011

The goal is to project an excellent high-quality architecture at this location, considering that across the river Daugava is complex Citadele which is designed by Meinhard von Gerkan and Vincents.

Riga, 2015

The project is based on architectural structural order, which is determined by historical building, rationality and aesthetic quality.