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Riga, 2018

Building design in minimum composition, client Møller Auto Latvia

Riga, 2013

The international competition for the best concept and architectonic solution of the supermarket SKY in the Baltic states and Russia has ended with a win of Vincents Architecture. 

Riga, 2015 - 2018

The victory in the Prestigious Competition for the Best Solution of an Office Building with a Restaurant, at Livu Square, in Old Riga.

Riga, 2015-2016

Taking into account the architecture of the building, in the bank's new interior, the modern replicas of Venice during the period of Renaissance have been chosen, combining them with the method, which is characteristic to eclecticism. 

Riga, 2000-2001

The building's between-floor covering forms a modern interior - countless possibilities to simultaneously view the room and the objects in the interior from unexpected perspectives.

Riga, 2013

The terrace of the expressive design on the roof of  Draugiem.lv office consists of an original structure and panel system which may be easily folded and transported. 

Riga, 2005

The basic creation principles of the salon’s interior are quite simple – to create an uncluttered, harmonious atmosphere that will be an aid to the most important thing of all - the easy comprehension of the products with visible, pleasant surroundings.

Riga, 2008

The Modena Motors showrooms Alfa Romeo and Maserati were formed based on the cooperative style requirements developed by these companies.