Riga, Kalpaka Blvd, 2017

Kalpaka Boulevard has the best panoramic view in Riga, the location is ideal with the architecture of art nouveau and green parks in the neighbourhood.

Jurmala, 2016

Interior project and coroprate image of Baltic Beach Hotel restaurant The View (previously Caviar Club).

Riga, 2014

Replanning and reconstructing  the area with worthless dark and long corridors and small rooms, an attractive residential environment was created by bringing light and space in it. 

Riga, 2012

For those who appreciate B&B Italia - its creative, intelligent, artistic and cosmopolitan spirit and interpretation of luxury - discreet temperament, combined with comfort and a neutral but sophisticated range of tones.

Jurmala, 2009

Schools of design philosophy representing opposing views here are counterbalanced by the fact that neutrally restrained color gamut faces expressive texture materials.

Riga, 2012

The main task during the renovation of heating system and the construction of a new wiring was to preserve the original functional and decorative elements as much as possible.

Jurmala, 2003 - 2004

The living room and kitchen are situated in one area, which can be both joined or separated with a sliding wall. 

Riga, 2016

Interior and lighting project for the exclusive store LALIQUE in Old Riga, Kungu Street.

Jurmala, 2013

Interior concepts for two buildings - Villa Hepburn and Villai Dierich which have obtained their names due to their unique style. 

Jurmala, 2013-2015

The building was designed by Eizens Laube in 1926 and it has been renewed as unique gift.  The connection with the past is as present, as powerful is the story told by the details.

Jurmala, 1994

Villa was built in the late 1820s after a project of Marta Haze, as her own residence. In 1993 Vincents Architecture begins an ambitious reconstruction and interior design project for villa Marta.

Riga, 2005

The basic creation principles of the salon’s interior are quite simple – to create an uncluttered, harmonious atmosphere that will be an aid to the most important thing of all - the easy comprehension of the products with visible, pleasant surroundings.

Riga, 2008

The Modena Motors showrooms Alfa Romeo and Maserati were formed based on the cooperative style requirements developed by these companies.