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Vincents Arhitektūra design proposal won the competition for the construction of Kalēju arcade in Old Riga

On 30 July 2015 there was ended the design contest organized by Baltic International Bank where investors wanted to find the best architectural solution for block of Old Riga between Kalēju and Vecrīgas streets in order to reconstruct it as modern business, shopping and apartment complex. The jury recognized the project of Vincents Arhitektūra as the best of submitted proposals.

In ceremony Valery Belokon from A/S Baltic International Bank congratulated with the victory and admitted that proposal of Vincent Arhitektūra has professionally high-quality and it is detailed, as well as concept of arcade was created by following the bank’s style and with inclusion of thorough research on the different needs of the bank.

Historically Kalēju arcade was been located in the very cradle of Riga’s birth – on the banks of Rīdzene River, where the first Liv Port was established. Aware of the importance of this place and important task, we have created a project with high responsibility to details and with objective to fit maximally into historic environment of Old Riga while giving a structural clarity to the place and by adapting it to modern needs. Amount of construction project ensures the scale characteristic to surrounding historic construction and at the same time forms a single, sun illuminated courtyard - arcade.

The project intends to turn the courtyard into arcade, by placing the original shops, restaurants, art galleries and other public facilities, which will reflect high level in Riga’s cultural life, in the first floors. In the upper floors are planned the bank’s offices and prestigious two-level apartments with unique views to the landscape of roofs of the Old Riga to be located.

Project authors
Head of Vincents Arhitektūra Guna Eglīte
Project manager: Ojārs Šablovskis
Project group: Jurģis Vizulis, Jūlija Kononova, Laura Meija, Māris Grodums, Reinis Kokins, Baiba Drengere