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Concept of an individual house
Kopējā platība 217 m²

This house created by the architects of Vincents is planned in such a way - 217 m² are provided for internal premises while 54.40 m² are occupied by terraces.

On the 1st floor the premises are divided into the rest, work and dining areas. A hall of 9.24 m² leads to the rest rooms of the house – a living-room of 44.23 m², cabinet of 13.26 m², guest bedroom of 21.15 m², as well as bathroom which occupies 6.62 m², and WC occupying 2.79 m². The area of kitchen is 13.23 m², while the area of a dining-hall - 16.15 m².

According to the layout of the 2nd floor it is possible to get to the terrace and 2 bedrooms through the corridor which both have their own bathroom and cloakroom. One of the bedrooms is 18.88 m² large, a bathroom and cloakroom are respectively 10.85 m² and 9.31 m² large. But the second bedroom is 18.28 m² large, a bathroom - 11.27 m², but a cloakroom - 9.31 m².

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