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Working with a leading global architect means being present during the development of individual masterworks. He works without the slightest indecision, not brooking compromise and spontaneously trusting his abilities that have been attained over long years of work.

The majority of von Gerkan's current projects are sketches with a fantastic character and incorporate impulses for future architectural projects. This testifies to creative passion and single-mindedness in the resolution of major, large-scale and professionally complicated assignments.

His immense experience is an important professional scale for us. He works very quickly. Von Gerkan noted that a sketch created in a short time retains the freshness associated with the hope behind its composition. His sketches provide vivid conformation of the architect's talent. Occasionally fast, specific, literally as rigid in its judgments as a clenched fist. In truth - he simply knows how to concentrate. To concentrate fully on his goal. His flight of thought has made the von Gerkan name one of the prominent in the world of architecture, both in Germany and globally. He has created his own architecture and design empire - 'gmp'. His ability to work on as many as 75 projects simultaneously is simply amazing.

Meinhard von Gerkan's dream is more light and space, open expanses and freedom... And the Master's glass and steel architecture loses reality.

This is already more than 20 years of our partnership and every time we meet him, we are overtaken by the feeling that anything is possible. The design 'atmosphere' itself changes. We can safely say that our Outlook on architecture has changed under his influence. Undoubtedly, our scale of values has changed. Thanks to him, we are left with the feeling that we communicate in professional language and that as a result we will be understood throughout the world.


The designs jointly implemented by the architects of Vincents and Meinhard von Gerkan in Latvia:

Villa Marta, V. Krasocvicky family residence, Jurmala

Tennis Hall of the Jurmala Residence, Jurmala

Private SPA of the Jurmala Residence, Jurmala

Villa Alexandra, Jurmala

Apartment house ”Bellevue”, Jurmala

Apartmenthouse Carlo in Zaubes street

Administrative and Office Building Complex Citadele

Villa Guna, Jurmala


Design stage:

Residential home complex Citadele

Business and private apartment house da Vinci

Lake Villas Baltais Rags

Four office buildings, Riga


Interview with Meinhard von Gerkan:

Frozen art, Baltic Outlook, 2007