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Concept of an individual house
Gross floor area192 m²

This house in the area of 192.35 m² designed by the architects of Vincents is special due to the fact that the premises are designed in four levels and each level has its functional significance, they are as follows – a basement, 1st floor, 2nd floor and a constructed roof floor. The total area of the premises is 177.76 m², while the balconies occupy 16.07 m².

Two auxiliary premises are located in the basement (15.36 m² and 18.18 m²) and also a technical room.

Both, an entrance hall (7.62 m²), staircase and WC and also a place for two bedrooms (15.04 m² and 25.68 m²) is allocated on the 1st floor.

A dining-hall is situated on the 2nd floor which is combined with a living area (39.89 m²) and a bedroom (15.04 m²) is connected with a bathroom (4.85 m²). Both, a kitchen and a bathroom have an exit to the balconies. One of them occupies 2.49 m², but the other is larger - 13.58 m².

A cabinet in the area of 11.61 m² is separately built on the roof floor.

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